Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Lindsay Lohan duet with Justin Bieber


Lindsay Lohan and Justin Bieber finally together. They both were working to sing a song together. Finally they have agreed too. Soon they will record the song. The song is a romantic duo and not only that they will sing, they will also be the models in the video. As we know Justin Bieber is in relationship with Selena Gomez this is something shocking. Why Justin Bieber did not sing a song with Selena Gomez. Is something wrong in their relationship.

Lindsay Lohan is happy with relationship of song singing. Justin Bieber said that Lindsay Lohan is a senior singer and she has a class of her own. So to do a duet with Lindsay Lohan is something special. When the media person asked what Selena has to say about this duet. He said she is ok and knows its just work nothing personal.

Lindsay Lohan on the other hand is very happy that her career which is going down day by day would go up because of Justin Bieber. Justing Bieber is the hot trend setter these days. And he is the next super star of this century. She says that doing a duet song with him would just make wonders for me.

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