Thursday, October 13, 2011

Taylor Swift hottie naughty

There are rumours that Taylor Swift is working on her upcoming album called hottie naughty. This is the album where she is going to show the world that she is no more a bubbly girl who is cute, sweet and simple. This album will reveal her true young girl character as what she wants.
Taylor Swift is going semi-nude in the music videos of this album. She has planned it and now implementing it. She also hired a proper cinematographer and a stylist who is going to help her look good while she is semi-nude. She wants to be a more dominant on teenagers and youngster with more strong looks. The rumours say that she is tired of being bubbly and sweet. She wants the world to see her new side and also wants the world to enjoy her. She is planning on a series of wallpapers, pictures, videos and title pages that will be displayed on her official website later on this year. The pictures, videos and wallpapers will be free for the world to see and download. Taylor Swift just simply wants a new look and this look will be very bold, hot and very naughty. Taylor as we know can sing well but from the looks of it looks like a child. But this time she is going to break all the rules of entertainment in her upcoming album and its music videos. Read this sizzler: Shakira Stripping off

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