Thursday, October 13, 2011

Shakira Stripping off

There are rumours that Shakira is going to work in a bollywood movie. She is also going to sing songs for the movie. The contract is under way and a lot of money has been offered to her for this purpose. The rumours that almost 5$ million will be paid to her to work in the movie and sing.

The producer is a close friend of Shakira that is why a discounted offer but still for her consent to work in an Indian movie is shocking. She has never worked before in Indian cinema so this would be a new experience for her. She knows the Arabic culture but not Indian.

The role of Shakira is also defined. She is going to work as a stripper in the movie. Some rumours say that she has been offered 20$ million to work in the movie. The reason is that she is going to strip off her clothes and will semi-nude. Some are saying that for the first time she might show her complete naked back in the movie.

Strip off by Shakira will be a treat to watch and enjoy. Still they are rumours at the moment. The co-stars are not confirmed yet but rumours saying that John Abraham might be the male leading artist in the movie who will work as a “Pimp” for Shakira the stripper.

Let’s wait and see when it becomes a legal document.

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