Friday, September 16, 2011

Katy Perry’s dirty performance

There are rumours that Katy Perry recently performed at a friend’s party. It should be difficult to understand that it is just a performance, so what is so special about it. She is at the moment no doubt the best performer. She sings well. She dances well and she dresses really well. She is shying in front of the camera and media to show off her goodies.

But finally she did it. Not in front of the media but she did at her friend’s private party. Other Hollywood and Music celebrities were also present. She was wearing a pink mini skirt with a white Gucci Tank Top. She started off with her slow songs but finally let herself lose with her hip hop performance.

She did pole dance which no one has expected. And to everyone’s amaze she was wearing a thong which showed everything to everyone. It was a private party no media was allowed but celebrities present there had their latest cell phones. Majority took pictures and made video of her.

She later on got so deep into her performance that she took her tank top and mini skirt and was performing in her bra and thong. The rumours say that she had taken too much skunk and because of that she was going crazy. The pictures and video taken are not yet uploaded. But Katy Perry has a serious issue with her personality trait right now because of the pictures and video if uploaded will destroy her brand image.

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