Friday, September 16, 2011

Kim Kardashian’s headlights groped pictures

There are rumours that recently Kim Kardashian who is planning for her wedding was out for shopping in New York. She is famous but she did not believe that she is so famous that people would go crazy to get her autograph. She was shopping when she realized that people 
have gather outside the shop to see her glimpse.

First, it made her nervous but later on she realized that she is a celebrity and people outside 
the shop are her fans. She called them all in and started giving autographs. People were sober to her understanding but one of them did something which has happened with many Hollywood celebrities in public.

Kim Kardashian was groped in public by a young man. He squeezed the front headlights of Kim Kardashian. As it was a public appearance many had cell phones on with pictures and videos mode. When the groped happened the pictures and videos were made.

Kim Kardashian could not believe that it happened but it did. The young man groped it very hard for 2 to 3 seconds and then quickly ran off. Later on the police was called and saw the video of the young guy who groped the breast of kim kardashian. Problem was not the groping but the problem was the video and pictures that would be leaked on the internet.

Kim as she is going to get married so she does not want any sexual shame fame at the moment. We all know who is Kim and how she has let many guys enjoy her but as she getting into a prestigious relationship so she cannot have such things now. Lets see when her pictures and video come out.

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