Friday, September 16, 2011

Riya Sen’s Navel Show

There are rumours that recently Riya Sen was invited by a local TV’s music program as a guest. She was wearing a Saari. The rumours say that it was not a saari in fact it was complete semi-nude attire. She was in white saari and she cleavage and navel was completely visible.

The format of the music show was that to ask the celebrities about their love about music and their likes and dislikes. The artists who come to show have to sit on a glass table. And from the looks of it she was on purposely showing her cleavage and also on and off making her saree move away so that her navel was clear.

There are rumours that she even had nipple poke which was enjoyed by the guys around the recording. Riya knew what was happening but she did not mind showing it. The show is recording and soon it will be aired on the local music TV channel. So guys keep on viewing.

Read this sizzler:

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