Friday, September 16, 2011

Katrina Kaif’s Hungami Ijlaas

There are rumours taht Katrina Kaif is again going to be a politician in her upcoming movies. This time it is going to be based on a Tamil Societal issues. A Tamil version is also being made but it is not sure if Katrina is going work in it or not. The story of the movie is very interesting. Katrina as we all know is not good in acting but very good in dancing.

She is going to have two roles in the movie. First role will be of a bar girl. She will be full time tharki and naughty girl and she will have a item number in the movie. The second part will be where she marry’s a politician and fights for her right when her husband dies. She asks the party and janta to let her stand in the position of her husband.

This is something new and an idea worth looking at. The rumours say that her item number will be of full intensity and entertainment. Katrina Kaif is an awesome and sexy girl and i am sure she will perform well in this movie as well. The name of the movie is said to be in Hindi Hungami Ijlaas. Hope Katrina Kaif also shows her acting skills as well. The male artists are not known yet.

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