Thursday, August 11, 2011

Rihanna’s Nude Performance

Rihanna these days is working on her new album and its going to be a very shocking music album and music video especially for her fans. She is going sing for the first time a sex and physical relationship format singing. She is not only going to sing such wordings but also she is going to perform semi-nude and then nude in the music videos.

A total of 9 songs will be recorded for her new music album. She has started working on it recently. The most outrageous song of all is Titled “Nude”. And this song is also the main song of the music album as the music album is titled “Nude”. Rihanna is doing it as she wants to do experiment in her life and also with her body.

The music video of the song “Nude” will obviously have nudity in it. She and her colleagues working in the music video all will appear nude. Now, it will depend if the music channels will allow it or not. There are rumours that she is going to sing few songs about sex that will target children and tweenagers and teenagers.

Rihanna is going to cross all the limits. Her album title page is also said to have nudity. She is following the footsteps of Madonna. She also launched her sex story book but she never gone complete nude in music albums. But Rihanna is going to surpass her and is going to control of her body and her life.

Strange on Rihanna’s behalf but she is going to do it as rumours told. I guess media and fans can only wait and see if its really going to happen or not.

Read this sizzler:

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The Cypher Code said...

Rihanna did it. She performed nude and did not mind it at all

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