Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mariah Carey bust spank in public

There are rumours about Mariah Carey which was caught in an incident. Mariah Carey is already under a lot of pressure and in tension due to her over weight. She was with a friend at the time incident happened. She was coming out of a bar after a long hard party. She did not expect that something would happen to her and her friend.

She was going towards the parking lot to get in the car when two guys came on a bike. The bike number plate was not showing when police authorities asked Mariah Carey about it. Well, what happened was that the two guys came from behind and spanked very hard at the bust of Mariah Carey and her friend.

Both were shocked, scared and screamed in pain. For few seconds they could not even understand what had happened till both the guys laughed at them. Mariah Carey and her friend because of heaving spanking had fallen down. The rumours say that the spank was so hard that they had fingers signature all over their asses.

Well, how it was visible because both of them were in small skirts and they did not mind showing it to the police as to what had happened. When both of them screamed the bar bouncers quickly came towards them to see. By the time the bouncers came both the drunken young man had gone.

Later, the police was called and they reported about the incident. Police are still looking for them but i guess it will be all in vain as it was dark near the parking lot and their faces were not that visible.

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The Cypher Code said...

she is having a spankful day

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