Thursday, August 11, 2011

Beyonce goes Ballistic

Beyonce Knowles is working on her upcoming movie. She is going to be a crazy super hero. A new role has been assigned to her a super hero. The super hero name has been kept secret but its said that a totally a new super hero girl is going to be introduced to the movie lovers. Currently the producer and the director are trying to finalize the deal with Beyonce.

Beyonce is also happy about this deal but is not yet saying anything about it to the media. She is currently has started going to the gym to get fit. She does not want her figure to get disfigure but wants more muscle on her body. Beyonce now will be seen a in new role. This is a treat to watch. As we know that she has a great body and a great singing career but this time her great sexy body will be seen in her action movie.

Beyonce work out is true as she has been seen at a local Los Angles town gym where usually stars and celebrities go to work out. This is one of the expensive gyms in the town. Beyonce has a gym at her home as well but she needed a personal trainer so that is why she joined the local gym. Beyonce is working really hard as she has gained weight in recent times and there were rumours that Beyonce is pregnant as well.

Well rumours and rumours are always surrounding the celebrities but this rumour about Beyonce will be really nice as to see her a super action hero in a movie with curvy body is a treat. Her co-stars are not yet confirmed at the moment but it is said that Mark Whoolberg and Bruce Willis might be part of this epic movie.

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Beyonce is once crazy B--tch

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