Thursday, March 24, 2011

Jennifer Lopez quits American Idol 2011


Jennifer Lopez to quit American Idol next year. Its said that she could not concentrate on her own work. She says that no doubt American Idol has been an exquisite experience but she needs her work to be done. Even though the money is there but there is not that much for me to show the world just that my judgement. She said other judges can do that. Jennifer Lopez to quit american idol will hurt her fans and also the producers. As the program was getting a lot of TRP's because of Jennifer Lopez. If this rumor is true then it will definitely bring down the TRP's of this show.

Jennifer Lopez is currently working on her new album and also to star in two movies. One of the movies to be released this year. The media personal are saying that Jennifer Lopez is growing old and she cannot take the pressure of American Idol. The media say any celebrity would love to get their hands on American Idol program to get awareness but her decision is really strange. Some media personal even said that she is doing on purpose to get more TRP's and not only that to get her price increase for the next year American Idol 2012.

When contacted by media Jennifer Lopez denied such rumors and said that she cannot even think of leaving American Idol as its humongous and beautiful. Well, well i guess Jennifer Lopez is playing a game with the minds of the producers especially. Something is fishy going on as from the last few episodes her attitude has also changed with the other judgers.

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