Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Blackberry Playbook finally out

Blackberry Tablet: Playbook is making waves around the world. On the internet the search for playbook is imense. Like iphone, motorolla, dell, samsung and toshiba launched their tablets blackberry also came into the lime light recently. The tablet has it what a consumer wants. Its slim and smart and some experts even better than the other tablets in the market. Blackberry thinks that our competitor is only ipad and others are not on our list.

Blackberry playbook is 7 inch in size with HDMI output, wi-fi and bluetooth as well. It also has other gadgets as well. Now the question is ipad lovers would really shift towards playbook. It has what a technology consumer want. All gizmos and applications required for a business to run are there.

Blackberyy playbook makers say that it will revolutionized the world. It will change the way a tablet works. Ipad is history. Even ipad 2 will not stop us from becoming number in the tablet industry. What we have developed is outstanding and outclass and it will reflect out technology revolution to the whole world. Soon it will be available through the world. And expert opinions about the tablet have been really good. And some experts even said that they will definitely switch to playbook as soon is available to them

Blackberry playbook Vs Ipad 2. The war is on and lets see who really wins it or if anyone can win the technology war ever.

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