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Best Bust Hollywood Celebrities

Well there are a lot beautiful female hollywood celebrities. Some alive and many in R.I.P. But the ones alive are really awesome by every means. Either its there hair, eyes, skin tone, smile, figure, voice and personality. They simply rock their fans. But here in this blog post i am going to talk about the best bust hollywood celebrities according to me. I am going to rank them according to my own choice. I have selected my 10 best bust hollywood celebrities and i have ranked them. Hope you like them. Do comment if you like my ranking.

Number1: Kim Kardashian

This Beauty goddess is no doubt a 8th wonder of the world in bust. She got a perfect bust which no one can deny. She is not a porn start but better than million of porn stars around the world. She recently went nude for W magazine. Later she regret it what she had done. She confessed this at a local TV show and cried over it. Well like its said never cry of the spilt milk. Whats done is done, one should move forward. I guess she was just doing a celebrity stunt, nothing new in it.

Number 2: Jennifer Lopez

She is currently doing reality show called American Idol but its heard that she is having some issues with the maganement. So most probably she will leave the next year show. At the moment my second best bust has to be Jennifer Lopez. She is still awesome even after having twins. She knows how to take care of herself and she is actually doing a wonderful job.

Number 3: Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett has come a long way. Started of as a child start and now a complete actress. She has done great in the movies and still to show her figure to the whole wide world. She got an awesome figure. A figure to love and adore. She is smart and sexy and still not viewed naked. She is my best bust 3 hollywood celebrity.

Number 4: Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson the singer and actor is not at the top of her game these days. But hey she still got the looks i mean the bust looks. When she was skinny she was'nt on my bust list. But now aftet weight gain she is definitely on. She is trying her level best to work out her relationship and also trying to lose weight. I do not mind her losing weight but no weight loss on the bust please.

Number 5: Beyonce Knowles

The lady, the queen and the extreme machine. She has'nt lost her touch. Infact every time she comes on TV she simply rocks. Take her any video or any movie she simply comes out looking great. Since TLC she has come a long way and is simply doing awesome. And Beyonce Knowles got a bust to die for sometimes hehhehehe.

Number 6: Shakira

Shakira came out again with a big hit last year with Waka Waka Aye O for football world cup. She is an awesome singer and also an awesome belly dancer. She knows to move with every tune. I am sure she can do belly dancing with a slow beat as well. I think she has done it before. No one can do what she can.

Number 7: Nicole Scherzinger

Nicole is extremely smart singer and extremely smart bust girl. After seperation from Pussy Cat dolls she just rocked. Her every video and public appearance is awesome. This tan girl got a tanned Bust which is beautiful by all means. She looks very hot in Latex. She is my number 7 Best Bust hollywood celebrity.

Number 8: Christina Aguilera

This lady has shown the world what she can do. Even with more weight she looks hot. When she was skinny she was bubly and not that awesome but now with weight she is on the top. She got the looks and everything on her is big and bust. Her figure has grown beautifuly. She still a die heart flower for millions. She is my number 8 best bust lady.

Number 9: Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway recently made a movie blunder. Again she went nude in this movie and did a lot of hot scenes. I guess she does not realize her importance in hollywood. To be great actor you do not need to be naked. Well that blunder was made. Still she got an awesome figure. Even though she was nude in her last movie Love, Sex and Drugs, she was not looking that great as her role demanded from her. But in reality she is awesome.

Number 10: Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet is my final best bust hollywood celebrity. We all what she is capable of and she has shown us all her goodies. She still got looks and the tools to make us go into day dream. She is put on weight but still rocks even today. She is a killer and still going on to kill millions of her fans around the world.

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