Saturday, January 29, 2011

Barak Obama and Egyptian Muslims Future

Well i do not see any future of Egypt now. What it seemed to be a peaceful country now seems like a dead one and soon a vanished one. We all muslims will always face such problems as we are not united. Barak Obama the president of USA wants Mubarak to fulfill his promise towards his nation. Well he is trying is level best and also Egypt aint that bad in Economy at the moment. But now i am sure its worse.

Egyptian muslims future is now at stake. I do not know about the others nations and races living there but muslims will surely suffer.

Like muslims in pakistan are suffering. Recently the killing of muslims(Pakistani) by American nationalists. If this was done in America i am sure that person would have been called a terrorist. Well UN exists then why still is'nt there peace.

Barak Obama needs to apply some good foreign policies for the muslim world. We all want peace but to have peace we need to stand united. And this can only happen if the powerful nations of the world like usa, china, uk, germany unite and help other third world countries.

Egyptian history is tortured now because of the riots taking place. The government is falling down. And as usual the muslim countries are doing nothing.

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Anonymous said...

nothing is going to happen. Egypt will fall.

Anonymous said...

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