Saturday, July 30, 2011

Lady Gaga Booze Bath

Lady Gaga as we already know is a crazy lady. She always stuns her fans and the media especially. Fans always expect the unexpected from her but media is never sure what to expect from her at all. This time she again crossed the limits. She at a local bar jumped into the drums of a local brew. She got drunk and took a brew bath.

Lady Gaga took her clothes off and got complete naked. She did not show anything actually as she stayed in the Brew drum. Even Luc Carl was there. As there are rumours that she has secretly married to him and both of them were present there to enjoy the party given to them by their close friend at that bar.

Luc and Gaga did some naughty actions at the bar. Some say that they even had sex in the brew drum and people drank that brew as well. It was overall a wacky party and Lady Gaga as usual showed her wackiness. There are rumours that pictures and movies were taken as well and media is trying to get their hands on it.

Currently at the moment pictures and video are not out yet but soon they will be as a deal is being made between the seller and some media company. As the video and pictures show Lady Gaga and Luc Carl completely naked. I guess a treat for her fans to watch.

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