Saturday, July 30, 2011

Asin’s bath show

There are rumours that Asin was at a local party. The party theme was a Mexican gala. She was invited by a very close friend. It is a common friend of Salman, Katrina, Asin and many more as well. Well Salman and Katrina did not come to the party. Asin was there and there were many other TV and film artists as well.

Asin was wearing a sexy skin tight top with a white bra. She was wearing a black Japanese style mini skirt. Asin did not realize that the party would later on become a bath party. As party went late on the disco stage the water came pouring. Well everyone knew about it except her. She got her telephone wet and above all she got herself wet.

Asin did not realize at first but later when her friends told her that everything is visible in her top as she was wearing a light white colour bra that showed everything. She was having nipple poke that showed everything to everyone. She also had an up skirt that made guys eyes opened up. She was in a thong and everyone enjoyed it.
Well nipple poke and upskirt was not a problem for her but the problem was that pictures and video where made. 

She realized that people had taken pictures and made video. She had asked her friend to ask the people in the party to delete everything. Well the rumours are that her pictures and videos will be soon uploaded on the internet and she will have the media fire on her.

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The Cypher Code said...

Asin is also like that. She aint a freak. but i guess all the actors are the same

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